Some fall into this world being who they are. Others, being who they are not. I was not.

This space became my best friend in 2010. For 7 years it was about my insights, knowledge, feelings and emotions as human during my most challenging times as entrepreneur and during the disintegration and rough years that followed after bankruptcy in the mids of world’s crisis. Words from those years are well archived on the site in the “Life and Dreams” category.

Starting with August 2017 Daydreamer turned more into my creative place for writing at times.

I opened the blog in a very difficult time of my life when I lost everything, excepting a very small piece of myself. These are times when you don’t know if you are ever going to make it again. Times when you fight your most powerful fears and when you doubt yourself, everyone and everything. Times when you are fully invisible to others and sometimes also to yourself. 

The World Unseen

(my 25 words novel)


On the sharp margins of life there is another life, different breeds of humans, untold stories, and unseen rules. Here, all people turned into words.

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