This space became my best friend (and sometimes my only friend) in 2010 and it is about my insights, knowledge, feelings and emotions as human during my most challenging times as entrepreneur and during the disintegration and rough years that followed after bankruptcy.

I started this space in a very difficult time of my life when I ended up with nothing, but the last piece of myself. These are times when you don’t know if you are ever going to make it again. Times when you fight your most powerful fears and when you doubt the most about yourself, everyone and everything! Times when you are fully invisible to others and sometimes also to yourself.

Tales From The Rock is my journey through the underworlds and subsystems that one should face and conquer when falling out of the system. Hopefully, it will also be a story about resurrection, self healing and transformation.

[While reviewing the blog, now in 2015, I realize it’s been 7 rough years that can easily be compared with living in a cell without windows.]

I always wanted and needed to hear and see people’s struggling stories before they raise again, and not after. It’s the most interesting part of all, the story of conquering themselves. It is also the reason for sharing my journey.

The blog is also about people I me(e)t on the way, places I go to see or live in, things I do and write sometimes. It’s about surviving and holding on, but mostly about pushing forward against all life adversities. It’s also about promoting and supporting unconditionally good things and people that I meet on the way. And from time to time, it’s also about myself.

My entrepreneurship journey lasted 13 years, and since 2010 when it all fell apart I continued as open innovation problem solver, screenwriter and film production and film locations professional. Practically, I applied my entrepreneurship skills to develop and uplift my passions. In present, I work in film productions, real estate, online marketing and as an independent business adviser.

I write in both Romanian (my native language) and English, as the mood goes, but mostly because I have many English speaking friends spread all over the world, because I work with English speakers mainly and because my film work is done mostly in English, a language that I hope to consistently improve with practice.

My name is Georgia, I lived in Romania my entire life and for a few years I live also in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

You can check out my new integrative website: Kent & Young.