XCulture | How Superheroes Are Born | Now on Amazon

Georgia Mihalcea

“XCulture | How Superheroes Are Born” is an awarded 9-module leadership and training program designed to boost the resilience and success of new entrepreneurs, DIY and small business owners in a globalized world. It is focused on 3 main categories: Strategy, Leadership and Culture, each category has 3 modules.

It is how it had been structured by the sponsors of “Patterns For Success” challenge launched on crowdsourcing and open innovation platform HeroX and I felt it is good enough for the first book on this theme. The program rose above over 130 submissions from all over the world and won the grand prize for Culture category.

“XCulture – How Superheroes Are Born” is a remastered version of “Patterns For Success”, including also pieces from more awarded materials and stories I have submitted in global competitions. 

Business is a story with unclear ending. Dreaming to be small proves to be…

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