Sparks of critics. Tell me dear, what’s going on?

Sparks of critics

To create is an honor! Same as the free will, we find out we are gifted with, long before discovering that we truly are creators.

Until we actually start creating, there is such a long road for so many of us.

We’d rather bury ourselves in the illusions of life that are consuming and flattening like a deep bitter sleep, while we “admire” in the depths of wrath somebody else’s colors. And so time passes, never waiting for us.

More than creating, and even more handy, is criticizing! Here and now! Have you noticed?

Thus, I wonder, what is criticizing without serving a constructive purpose?

Probably, a subjective and abstract notion that universe will take over. Or, probably, just vanity in its purest form. A flower with poison in its roots.

And how to not feel odd and perplexed with each lash, when you feel cracks circling your wings, with the twisting and turning bullets trying to manipulate and push your creativity to their grounds, so they can squeeze you like a lemon!?

If the butterfly changes its colors, it becomes grey and dark like many others. If it doesn’t, it is expelled or pulled down by its wings.

When people are criticized they lose color and they may fall into the abyss. Abruptly. And when the frustration regains color, it’s all on you. Be ready for a shower! Criticizing interrupts your natural creation flow.

Creativity is beyond criticizing. It has no standards, not even mine, it will find new erupting colors. It is contagious. It remains stuck to your eyes, perturbs your mind, twists your thoughts, murmurs into your ears, and fills your mouth.

Just admire! Be inspired! Find your note and fly with it!

And when your bell rings new creator’s in tha’ ring / put your critic on a swing, and play it until the last sting.