You are my favourite show

I am watching you diving into the truth again. Will you survive it one more time? I always wonder.

It is again one of those days when you ended up burned out from living the life of who you are not.

No, I am not watching your struggle with superiority, detachment or indifference. My tone was never right in the beginnings, maybe because I always sort myself on the verge.

I wonder because I have not really survived it. I am curious if you are stronger or even better than that. Or maybe even loved by God(s) in ways I have never been gifted with.

Watching you living with such passionless confidence a life where so many parts of you are not there, makes me curious about what else you will tell yourself next time. Because, darling, heaven and truth are not quite synonyms and finding happiness when looking for the truth is not a recommended adventure.

Anyway, it is Tuesday again. We should ignore this conversation.