the day when I first left the island forever

It was a day like any other day.

A new morning when the eternal spring made me feel strong enough to live life for another one hundred years. That’s the trap of this particular island, it makes you feel the passing of the time less brutal until one day when you totally forget about it. Years go by, you look the same, everything and everyone look the same, and in the absence of a strong enough vision it carries you away.

I went eating in my favorite spot near Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia, I threw coins in the ocean with my eyes closed in exchange for the same old wishes to come true, I thanked the place for its generosity, and finally I asked God: “Please do not overlook me!”

I packed my things and I was sure I will never come back. This strong belief was a good enough reason to also cry a bit in the airport. Flying from the ground I whispered “Fare well, my savior!” Yes, a drama queen also for my taste.

The island taught me many things and this one was crystal clear: I knew nothing about the future and my feelings were wrong more often than not.

The future brought me back many times since that day, each time for a different purpose. I have no clue what made me feel so far from the truth.

Like any immature relationship, it took many comings and goings to finally realize this is home in more ways than I can be aware of. A place of mystery, a mirror of the unseen parts of who I am, sometimes an answer to the question “Why?”