it’s the fire

It's the fire

it’s the fire


that troubles your fragile peace

and corrupts your hopes for happiness


that brings back hearts and minds

you once fell for and never faded away


that forbids you to forget

those eyes you surrendered to


that makes the story you avoided

to repeat itself over and over again

in some parallel universe

you wrongly believe

it is just your imagination


that makes you stand in your way

when everything else is finally well


that haunts you at times

pushing you into battles

that noone else can see

but you


that makes you fall under yourself at times

blaming the other

for who you are

and for who you are not


that makes your dreams

unfair and sweet like hell

but the awakenings painful

and the air hard to inhale


it’s the fire


some days it happens like a flame

in others like a conflagration

but always when you

least expect it


it’s just the fire

it never goes away.