before awareness, life felt more attractive

Today we can fall in abrupt ways and raise in viral ways.

Just like that. As if time and age suddenly became insignificant.

The more you work against your heart, the more you fall.

The more you follow your dreams, the more you fade away.

The more you stick to your flat line, the more you shrink.


These last couple of months I just stopped.

To listen where the wind blows.

To spot new cracks for new pathways.


The buzz of the world gets more and more virulent.

Some #rezist. More get poorer. Fewer get richer. Many give advice.

It’s a lifetime already since I stopped having too strong opinions about something or something else. While I became more robust inside, my strongest of opinions weakened.

Maybe, I don’t know and We’ll see became my most used words.


The more I live, the more my I-s fade away.


I am not sure that my awakening was a good thing, after all.

I felt it like an overdose. Or at least, this is how I took it.

Before awareness, life felt more attractive.

Dreams felt closer to the heart.