turn your blog, facebook wall or instagram into a book with blook

the latest trend – going back to the roots


Blook. The book of you digital life. Print your digital life. Your blog, your facebook or even your instagram.


Now, thanks to intelligent people with a publishing mind (who read my over 5 years old thoughts, already!), we can turn our blogs into books or a series of books and volumes.  They pushed it and we can also turn our facebook and instagram walls into a book. Practically, we go back to the roots in a twisted way.

The site is a French one as it seems and they do all the job. You don’t have to do a damn thing.

You just insert the link of your blog into their site, they source all your content, integrate in a customizable book format, you add your front and back pages covers, fonts, bio and everything and then you send it to publishing. As many copies as you wish or you can afford!…

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