Poverty versus Loneliness

  • Article from 2010, lost and found.

What does poverty really mean?

Why did poverty spread so much in the world on the background of such an explosion of the markets and technology that took place in the last decades?

Really! Deep down in the roots: why? Take a moment and give it a thought.

Think about how you feel when you see a poor person. What’s your primary feeling when that person looks into your eyes? Remember the feeling!

No. Don’t fool yourself. It’s not compassion. That’s the second feeling. Try again.

For some of you is rejection. But that’s not the root feeling.

If you feel compassion you are not necessarily a good person and if you feel rejection you are not necessarily a bad person.  Poverty is not the effect of bad people who forgot about the others and the good people who are trying to help the poor.

Poverty is the effect of our deepest fears. When we look at poverty we see our mirror which tells us instantly “that’s you if you don’t work harder, faster, better and more”.  And that mirror sometimes just paralyzes our capacity to act and to react.  It disturbs us very much inside because it’s the image of the worst possible version of us.

The fact that poverty spread out so much in our today high tech world – means nothing else but the fact that we, the others are the ones who are really poor.

Poverty is not about food, house, cars, education, etc. Poverty is all about being totally alone and unhappy. Living in a complete and absolute loneliness.

In the world of poor people – the loneliness is evidence, it is tangible – you can see it, touch it, measure it. That’s why it disturbs us so much when we look into its eyes. It looks bad. But it isn’t bad. It’s just an effect of our lack of action and reaction. It’s our mirror  – the other face of us. That face which needs adjustments and corrections in order to live in equilibrium and have a good and nice life no matter the hardships.

In our world, the world of the others (some of us richer than the others) – the loneliness is hidden in various ways beyond our goods, image and people around us. It just looks good. But if you take the internet for example, what’s really worrying is that high skilled people, well educated and with a decent condition are really alone and paralyzed by this personal loneliness and unhappiness. Not to mention other abnormal phenomenons for our era: fighting to cure cancer and HIV but dieing of heath attacks and of other common and curable diseases caused by stress and life pressures; women infertility; people obesity; people whose lives moved on the web; high rate of suicides in all social classes, and so on.

Poverty in its roots, means nothing else – but being alone. Totally alone. It is both a cause and an effect at the same time. The outside poverty, the one we can see in exterior it’s nothing else but the image and the reality of our inside poverty.

Bringing your own contribution to overcome poverty as a phenomenon, means at the end to overcome your own weknesses and helplessness. At the end, it means nothing else but overcoming your own inner poverty. You can do it with your time, knowledge, expertise, connections, etc.

In Romania – it is a “must do” starting from “yesterday”. We ended up living very tragic times and poverty became a cancer that reached metastasis and it deeply affects both businesses and society. It directly affects each individual.

In order to be the best in our professions, we should start being aware as individuals! It’s just an unwritten rule. For this, we should make efforts in each moment of our lives – to become more aware and to manage to keep ourselves aware.

In the process of overcoming poverty, feeling compassion and feeling bad for those people who were hit by tangible poverty it  is not enough and it does not make a difference!  Only by taking attitude, by doing, by acting and reacting – things can change and improve!

This life is not about talking good about things. It’s all about doing things good.

Sharing is not dividing the good. Sharing is multiplying the good. For both you and all around you!

Give it a thought and start acting and reacting ! With all you have at hand, no matter where you are!