Talking about ‪open innovation‬ with Bas van de Haterd

“Everybody is brilliant but not all the time”

Georgia Mihalcea

We Are Solvers

 Talking about ‪‎open innovation‬ with 4 times award winning ‪‎problem solver‬ Bas van de Haterd from Utrecht, Netherlands.

Find out more about open innovation and get unique insights directly from the winning players of this highly challenging game. Beyond that, the champs have some strong messages to worldwide leaders, influencers, educational systems and human resources professionals.

Bas van de Haterd is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and professional speaker who loves cycling, fantasy books, goth metal music, and movies as the mood goes. He is always ON, he is also involved in volunteering activities and his areas of expertise go around Marketing, Recruitment and Employer Branding, Organizational and Business Development.

Regarding his close to heart projects, on top of the list there his newest book 10 Jobs (that will appear and 10 jobs that will disappear) and taking research international.

Bas van de Haterd won…

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