I believe in love

…maybe the most expensive and confusing beliefs of all

the only journey there is

the thing that makes all struggles and pain to make sense

In the quest of love, the hardest thing for me ended up being to not touch the incredible special people that life honors me with. To simply allow them to fly free of my mark. Let them go before letting them in.

Those very rare people with whom you connect incredible naturally well, but who are not on the same page with you. Not available from a diversity of reasons. Not for relationship kind of love, but for other types of love. Meant for each other for any other purpose than the one of being together.

Feeling strong connection and attraction to someone and putting yourself in chains just to fulfill your destiny in relation to and through that person – that’s the hardest thing to do (for me…a fire starter by nature). Not allowing yourself to fall in love with a person who is just perfect for that. And there, in the same space and time with you, looking into your eyes, laughing at your jokes and feeling great with you in return. 

Just admire, enjoy, learn from it and be grateful for this rare interaction. And then go home and forget about it. 

It’s so confusing at first. Because such two people are simply drawn to each other in the most natural possible way. And it’s very hard for emotionally drawn to each other people to not cross the lines between them. One by one. It feels unnatural not to.

Don’t touch. Don’t dream. Don’t fantasize. Wait to see what’s there, what’s the reason and purpose for your encounter. Empty yourself of anything that you are and think and feel just to allow life to show you the truth about you two. The answer to the question Why. A truth that might not be the one you were hoping for.

Stick to your belief. To your quest. To your path. Stay true to yourself.

That’s damn hard. A such expensive luxury item.

Time is needed for the truth between two people to be revealed. If you care about the truth, you’ll wait and you’ll find the resources to stay strong. To make the difference and a difference. That’s what I tell to myself each time an unavailable and untouchable gorgeous one crosses my path, awakes my emotions and arouses my senses…and who most of the times happens to also be open enough to experiencing me in return, which is just my curse that makes it all more confusing and harder to handle. 

Nobody said it is going to be easy. In fact nobody said anything. We have to figure it out on our own.

…and this post started from these two beautiful totally different songs, both called “I believe in love”.

I am into both. I prefer the more sophisticated one by Nina Hart. But if I leave sophistication aside and if I pretend that I am made by heart only and my innocence is still there, somewhere, I could be happy enough also with Oscar Benton’s one.

What about you?