beautiful people. lured to bite a bit.

…just a bit. just a little bit.

After such a struggling time of hunger and thirst, of boredom, of twisted interactions, of sadness, of pain, of agony, of frustrations, of failed relationships, of parents who had no clue how to not break and distort you, of teachers deprived of the inspiration to teach you the most important things about life and human nature…eventually here you are again, face to face with a gorgeous human being from top to bottom.

Your green drop of heaven after endless squeezing drifting.

The unique way you laugh together, your deep connection, your mutual openness, your natural attraction, your never ending conversations about anything and everything, your mutual warmness and common nonchalance. The words, the thrilling phrasing. 

Then the smile, the eyes, the look, the perfume, the way the body fill the clothes, the skin, the hands, the dancing fingers, the exquisite wrists, the neck, the lips contour, the ears, the walk that cuts the air…and the wondering:

“How come we met?”

Come closer. You’re too far. Closer. Hm….the breath, the pulse making the veins swell, the chemical transforming and healing energy between the two of you, the boiling blood, the aroused flesh.

How to just stand there numb? How to cease yourself to not cross the line and to not bite just a little bit from that stunning beauty who stands totally open in front of you, looking straight into your eyes and smiling so divine for you, talking with words that perfectly tune with the nerves in your ears and with your dreams from all times?

How can you know if you don’t try? What if …?

Life is short. Time flies fast. 

Why? Why shouldn’t you?

You should. God knows you deserve it. Do it! Dare, devil!

…but what about the other beautiful people you fucked till spine yesterday?

(film work. cutting the clutter)