What’s a story?

Just because it’s Tenerife, it doesn’t mean it’s all about relaxation. Then, what’s a story? Let’s stop being deviant and twisted.

I didn’t get my share of relaxation in years. I work like crazy at my life reconfiguration process. I simply assault myself by acting on all plans of my life and self – at the same time and continuously. I travel 2,400 km a month from Monday to Wednesday from my southern working place to my northern home. I woke up at 5.30 in the morning to get to the office at 9.30 and I’m back home around 6-7 pm. And then I write at my film scripts that I have to submit and send to various people by the end of November. Then I design solutions in the problem solving U.S. platform where I play from 4 years – my alternative source of income during these times (when my solutions are chosen as winners). Then I have to also keep alive the openOI.org platform we did for solvers and innovators – which is a very difficult task as we did it with no resources and people don’t get involved as they should. They want more but they don’t do more. Then I am a part-time “lawyer” and talk all day long with my lawyers in my country related to my business issues there and I write a lot of materials and read a lot for that. Then I market my land on sale there all day long and I do a lot of other stuff. It’s squeezing and draining. But I have to make it again. I am committed to that. Slowing down and relaxation are not options for me at this moment of life. I do it all with great passion and joy. And grateful and blessed that on this background is the most beautiful, diverse and mysterious place I know. One of my most inspired choices.

I love Accounting and Law. These 2 major specializations simply teach one how to think, to nuance and how to solve a lot of life and business problems. All people should learn their basics. They have the same effect as Math. Open the mind. So does Literature in its own way.

For some folks used to die while doing business in metropolis, all the things they do not know or they are not aware of does not exist. They simply cannot be.

For these narrow minded folks an island means only beach and sand. Maybe getting drunk continuously and fooling around while in holiday. Because in their chart of mindsets and beliefs an island means that place which is all about relaxation. Or running away from their lives hoping they won’t get bored with themselves anymore. Or worse, escaping their deepest fears.

I wrote an article last week at our Tales from the Rock section – which was about me, an entrepreneur who came to this island during my journey of life and business configuration. And who eventually joined a local real estate agency’s team as part of this process. In subtext, it was about highlighting our blog which is about doing business and living in Tenerife through real estate channel as the agency is all about that. Tales from the Rock is our storytelling section.

As I experiment all the time, I changed some of the tech settings behind it and all its Likes and Shares vanished. It wasn’t in the manual! The good side of this system error was that I discovered other things that don’t work as developers say they are. But this is not about my topic today. Here it’s the article I am talking about: “Player or not? Make a choice and play the damn game!

Naturally, as I am about marketing here in the agency and my job is to let the world know about who we are and what we are selling – I made a selection of business and entrepreneurship groups I am in and posted the article in some of them. I target key people for some of our services, so CEO people and other business fellows wrote to me and we networked with each other. Naturally, as they know what we are talking about, they relate to such stories from people alike. It’s refreshing.

That’s a good thing as these kind of people better understand the market potential, they have the money to invest or to buy a second home here. It’s also very good from network strength perspective. Not to mention having a lot of fun as they are truly inspiring and diverse people.

There’s always someone who doesn’t get it. The wrong person in the right place.

Bing bing bing. A message in my email box from some moderator guy of one of these groups:

Thank you for posting the article about relaxation in Tenerife but where is the CEE relevance for business, which is what our group is about. Please keep to our group rules and you will not be moderated or eventually deleted. “

Here is what the group rules state:

“The CEE Group for business professionals welcomes relevant, engaging thoughts, ideas, discussions and stories about business in our region. “ (European Community region. The group has about 20,000 members.)

Tenerife is an island in Canary Islands archipelago, Spain. It’s Europe, European Community. Which is the region the group is about.

Aren’t business professionals allowed to say the name of the region they do business in? Or how did we end up doing business there?

What was the rule I broke? Can you put your finger on it?

Define relevant. Define engaging. Define thought. Define ideas. Above all, define stories.

If entrepreneurship is not about business, then what a hell is it about? If an entrepreneur story is not engaging (and it was as people liked it, commented and networked with me)…then what is the meaning of engaging?

Last but not least, what a hell is a story?

I fired up in this guy with all these questions. Like always, I cannot be who I am not. I am calm until I am not calm anymore. And that reminds me of my cynical father’s saying: you are alive until you are dead.

Answer? What answers? The guy forgot his own rules. Not to mention that in the group there are a lot of marketing ads highlighting all sorts of business services. But there is also quality stuff. I have to be true about that.

He concluded: the key problem here is that your article is not related to business in CEE.

I concluded: the key problem is that you did not articulate well enough your own group rules. I cannot follow rules that do not exist.

He said: please write another article explaining how this article is relevant for business in CEE.

I said: Group’s members got it. Why shall I waste my time explaining myself? I cannot write an article just for you or because you say so without providing strong rationals for it.


Let’s go back to the fundamentals. To the damn roots.

What’s a STORY?

Oxford Dictionary – http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/es/definicion/ingles/story

Site’s slogan: Language matters


  • An account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment
  • A plot or story line
  • An account of past events in someone’s life or in the development of something
  • A particular person’s representation of the facts of a matter
  • The facts about the present situation
  • Etc

Done with my pleading. I chilled out. Case closed.  

I am getting back to my timeless, spaceless, speechless and clueless mode. And sleepless.

P.S. Why not doing business, making money and living in a relaxed way and playing the game in a dazzling place? What on earth are some folks struggling for so hard?

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