First Year in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

What’s another year?” Entrepreneurs in Tenerife and our Tales from the Rock.

Coming from different countries and sharing the entrepreneurship life path, we ended up forming a team at Tenerife Property Network (TPN) – a real estate and property management agency which operates in the south of the island.

I joined the team now in July and I do the marketing and part of the sales and business development tasks.

This month, by many twists and turns of faith, we all celebrated our first year on the island. My 1st year was with 6 months interruption, time spent in Romania with my business affairs. While talking, laughing and wondering about each other’s adventures, we decided to share our stories on the agency’s new blog.

I did not have the time to write here on my blog about my last 4 months on the island, but once I get over this new beginning phase and over all the squeezing episode of change from one life to another, I’ll catch up.

In the meantime, enjoy the first Tale from the Rock – “What’s another year?”by Bettina van Belle who is TPN’s owner and also one of those rare people you seldom have the privilege to meet in a lifetime: