Creative Writer ? Self Learner? Check out these new Money Making Opportunities.

Make-money-online-with-your-knowledgeIn my online interactions and web navigation from the last months, I discovered new online money making opportunities for (business) creative writers who master English language. As I always do, I am sharing them with you.

As I play in the online for quite a while already, I warn you about one thing: the competition is wild! Scary wild!

At the same time, as I made good money online myself from problem solving and creative writing, I am telling you that each person has its own chance and you should try your best because you’ll make it.

You’ll loose more often than you’ll win, but that doesn’t have to make you less of a player. Trust yourself and don’t compare yourself with anyone! It is just you and the task itself. It’s all there is.

In this life the ones who gets the most and the best out of life are the ones who play their cards at their full potential. And the online world is one of a hell good card to play, a realm of opportunities – not to mention it also offers you a lot of freedom to just do things the way you want and feel, as you envision. In fact it’s the same world but with different (sometimes even better) instruments. Use the instruments! There are only 2 you basically need: internet connection and a laptop or a smart gadget.

The rest is all about the attitude. In our today’s world it’s possible to make money with your own knowledge as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile terminal.

These are my last discovered 2 opportunities for creative writers and 1 resource for learning and improving your knowledge:

  1. http://Ghostbloggers.neta marketplace where Publishers can purchase premium content from English-speaking Writers who get paid for their articles. Always looking for great writers!

  2. – connects Brands and Creatives through online Challenges.

…and for self-learning : – a very good list of 12 sources and resources for free learning in various domains and industries.

“Self education is the only kind of education there is.” (Isaac Asimov) … and I tend to agree.

Have Fun and Good Luck! :)