Candelaria. It was love at first sight. Simple as that.

I live in Puerto de la Cruz for an year already and I love it. It is in the north of Tenerife and they say it’s the place to be on the island. I say the same if you are into greener, chiller and cultural dimension of tropical paradises, those floating pieces of land in the middle of wild oceans which are usually thousands of miles away from your birth home. But my love for Puerto is a mature love, you know…the wise type, the kind you could easily stick to forever. As it is for the entire north coast which is so heavenly perfect that you cannot find any good enough reason to leave it.

I work on the other side of the island, in Playa de las Americas and I think I like it. It is in the south and worldwide tourists go there and have a lot of fun. But my attraction to Las Americas is more like the sensation an adventure makes you feel. I can easily give up on it if something better comes along. You know…it’s hot all year around, but I wouldn’t marry it.

I’m very attached to the capital city, Santa Cruz which is in the middle. That’s a heart city for me. Just like an old good friend. I have great memories there and even though I have never been to Cuba, I feel I am in Cuba when I wander on its streets. Weird, I know. I like a lot to just stop there from time to time and waste myself in it.

But Candelaria…well, it simply touched my bone. Just like the firing passion of the love at first sight. It’s from another world and time, small, simple, colorful and incredibly romantic. It’s one of those rare places that gives you the feeling that you two have something in common, that you know each other from somewhere. And definitely, you have to do something about it!

Here it is! A few stolen memories from my Candelaria. Even its name sounds beautiful.

It was the second city that I visited after Puerto when I first came on the island. I sat at a small table right in front of the sea near the Guanches unique statues, I had a coffee and fried cheese covered with traditional Canaries red and green sauces and I watched simple people looking for crabs on the beach. A mother and her little boy. They were on the shore turning stone after stone upside down. Each time the little boy found a crab, he shouted with joy and run to his mother: “Look! Another one!”

I loved its streets graffiti, its little shops with old traditional clothes, Nuestra Señora Candelaria beautiful church that stands proud in the heart of the city, the forceful Guanches statues that guard it, its old tight streets and cheerful houses, its simple people, its air, its sky and its vibe overall.

If I were a writer, Candelaria is the city where I would have spent my best seller writing days.

If I were to love someone, Candelaria is the place where I would choose to have the first kiss and the first holding hands moment. Then I would leave it. Probably to fulfill my destiny or probably because I am too wild and restless for such graceful steady beauty, but I would always come back to it. Over and over again.

Well, I am not a writer and I am not in love. But once I saw there an incredible tuned cars show that blew my mind.