irreversible addicted to sunset


People experience many inner changes during their lives. Being a human myself, I had my own.

My life was an outrageously intense and adventurous process and it happened on fast forward mode as if God had some special plans with me and I couldn’t be late in meeting my calling…which by the way I still have no idea what that is. Besides being happy and grateful unconditionally, loving life at my full potential and taking each day, thing and person as they come…I don’t know anything and I don’t make any plans. I have this faith and belief that what and who is meant for me will naturally fall in their place.

At first I was innocent like any other child. Then I experienced first love in high school, like most teenagers. Then I was hurt. Then I was loved. Then I fell in love at first sight. Then I loved. Then I lost my innocence. Then I got a nano-drop of wisdom…which I also lose from time to time and then spend days and days to get it back.

Then I’ve been robbed of 7 years from my destiny by unconscious people. Maybe not bad in their seeds, but definitely quite lost. Then I said to myself What a hell! If I close my eyes to this…what’s there left to open my eyes for?”. So I fired back trying my best to not cross the lines. Then everything changed.

Then I started to solve problems of the world in specialized platforms. Then, when my first solution was set a winner, I said “Oh my God, I am literally changing the world!. Then when my second solution sprinkled from hundreds, I was already used to being one of the world‘s little painters and designers. Being younger, at first I felt pride. Then I felt humbleness and gratitude.

Then all that mattered was to be and to find joy in everything, in every kind of work and in every kind of person, no matter how rough life was at times.

Today I just am. And one of my biggest and latest irreversible addictions is the sunset.

…and this one I recorded today…and once again I ended up speechless.

It’s for you. Enjoy it!