music and films in my life

Back in ’87 when this bossa nova influenced song (and video clip) was released – “Sorry Little Sarah” by Blue System, I was 8-9 years old. My father was in love with music (thing about which I became aware much later in life) and he managed to build his small music collection with great difficulties during the communist era which theoretically ended with ’89 Revolution.

He managed somehow to bring in our house a magnetophon and a video player and to record loads of music on magnetic and video tapes (next to plenty Oscar and other American films that we used to share during weekends with soldiers of all ranks from a military unit in the neighbourhood and with friends).

Until very late (2006 or so), due to difficult living conditions, my mother who was a low-paid teacher like all teachers in Romania and also a music lover (Romanian music mainly) – couldn’t afford to buy a radio, a tape or CD player for us. No more new music for about a decade, excepting the oldies recorded by my father.

Later, somewhere in 2007 I managed to finally buy myself a computer and to catch-up with music, films and with the digital era. I have never finished catching up with the music and films made during that decade missing from my records.

Back then in the mid and late 80s, my father also tought me how to use those machines and tapes. I played them over and over again for years and years and I was fascinated about the machines and their mechanisms. Once, I removed all their parts to better understand how they work. “Naturally”, I’ve been severely punished and it took my father weeks to put their pieces back together. He obliged me to stay next to him and to help him out in the process and then, in the time that followed, to all the stuff he had to repair – as I became more and more skilled. I still have those video and magnetic tapes and also our last video player which does no longer work – a magical Panasonic that almost reached immortality.

He is no longer around since the spring of 2012, but all his music and film tapes are still there. Maybe one day, when better times will come….I’ll manage somehow to repair his magnetophon, video player and at least some of the old tapes and play them again.

Sometimes I believe that without music… humans cannot survive.

This song was among a few other songs that haunted me over time…and it seems it still does.