solvers documentary: a raising awareness series of short episodes featuring open innovation through problem solvers eyes


solvers documentaryProblem solvers do not give from what they have. They give from who they are.

A new breed of prolific professionals rises: open innovation problem solvers.

The purpose of this mobile – web documentary made by online collaboration with worldwide problem solvers is to introduce you the fascinating realm of open innovation and how ordinary people from all over the world turn into extraordinary performers by engaging in problem solving process against all life adversities.


“Our freedom is the way in which we are able to let the world open before us, and ourselves stand open within it.”

(William Barrett, The Illusion of Technique: A Search for Meaning in a Technological Civilization)

There is an unexplored realm of solvers untold stories and many unknown aspects about open innovation solvers’ drive and motivations, about their daily challenges and lives, about how so different people end up being parts of the same “brain” / solution, about the fascination of how people from different corners and levels of life and world end up on the same page: to solve business, societal and environmental problems.

This documentary – made of an undetermined number of mini-episodes, each featuring a solver for a few minutes (or 2-3 solvers who were part of the same solution) and which will follow an overall format – aims to tell each solver story and much more to the leading open innovation platforms, experts, HR, leaders and organizations, but also to:

  • offer them better and valuable insights about who are the people who fuel their businesses, lives and well being;

  • highlight best approaches on how open innovation players can offer solvers (this new breed of professionals) better opportunities, how to better reward, retain, cultivate, promote and protect their talent and performance.

I am doing it from passion rooted in my love for both solving problems in open innovation and film-making and I would like to know and meet (online for the moment on skype and wherever) those solvers who are willing to take part in this project.

All solvers contribution will make a difference in building its concept by expressing your own ideas about it and other type of information you feel it has to be in, like: questions you would like to answer, problems you would like to address, format and whatever crosses your mind – to make it a crowd-sourced documentary from as many perspectives as possible and to get in the end to an innovative, fun, educative and entertaining documentary powerful enough to reach its audiences.

Solvers interested to be featured in this project, please step in and message me. I’ll get back to you once I progress with its format and details. There are already solvers who expressed their intention to join the project, so there’s no deadline: the sooner, the better.

P.S. you can also take part in its developing by commenting directly on collaborative platform where I opened a paper featuring a few start-up thoughts about it and where I will develop its format and guidelines.


Those of you who are generous enough and willing to support this project with donations or whatever you have at hand, don’t hold back and express your intention. You’ll be highlighted in the credits as contributor / sponsor.

I already started working on it with my own resources and in my own rhythm as my time allows me, but any support is both welcome and appreciated.

Even the moral one ! Especially if you salt it with a drop of joy and good humour :)