Tip: how to choose the online competitions?

How to choose the online competitions which today are new tools and opportunities to achieve your goals faster and better in a highly competitive and wild international environment?

Insight from experience.

Today, taking part in online competitions and open innovation realms became one key instrument and tool for better achieving your goals, no matter in what industry you perform: science, online business, film, etc.

The biggest problem of these platforms is the fact they are set-up and lead by intermediaries and not also by the final decision makers. And that’s a real minus for all sides as too many good and game changing ideas are thrown away…one of the reasons that in the last years after 2008 crisis, changes happen much under their potential, very slow.

For people who take part in online entrepreneurship and screenplay international competitions and want to break the ice: target only those competitions where among the evaluators of your idea or film proposal, there are also entreprenuers and producers…if you don’t want to delay your objectives…or worse if you don’t want to be pushed away from your path by loosing motivation and by loosing faith in you and in your idea.

These are the people who set the trends and will finance our idea and not the intermediaries or screenwritters/criticis who are specialists in the game but not also the final decision makers and trendsetters.

Such intermediary players are the ones who do the 1st preselection and evaluation. Which is all right as long as among evaluators there are also final key people present. But they are not.

Do a good research and play only in those games where in the 1st episode there are present also the key people among the specialists. When the public information is not good enough, send them an email with all your questions. You may not get answers to all your questions, but you’ll get closer to their inside realities and mechanisms…and this way you can position much better and know better how to approach the game in order to win or to increase your chances,

This approach is valid for all those who use also open innovation instruments, no matter the core industry, for achieving their goals with their ideas and heart projects: target those playgrounds where final decision makers are present in the 1st episode of the game.