Uplifting collaboration on openOI: the sharing information platform for open innovation problem solvers


As some of you already know, together with another two awards winning problem solvers – we designed and implemented a dedicated self-service and highly operative online platform, having in mind open innovation problem solvers needs and aspirations.

We are a team of three: Georgia Mihalcea (Romania), Deepak Aghor (India) and Martin Padget (U.S.A.) and the platform is http://www.openoi.org.

We started it with absolute zero resources, the only resources being ourselves: our drive, passion and knowledge…and of course our laptops and internet connections.

“OI” – means open innovation market and “Open” – comes from a counter-force, a resistance action to black box conventional open innovation models.

After over 4 years of problem solving in open innovation and winning many awards for our solutions to various business, environmental and common good problems – we felt and knew there are incredible talented professionals and high quality valuable solutions that get lost in open innovation, that are missed by many worldwide organizations and we wanted to do something about it, to recover it and to uplift it, to bring it all to the light.

We felt that more transparency and more effort to bring these beautiful people and their work to surface is needed.


Today I would like to introduce you the newest features of openOI, my top favorites – fully dedicated to collaboration and to uplift solvers community, to create new opportunities.

“Open Papers” and “Problems To Solve”, next to the possibility to comment at all papers – are 3 great features designed to facilitate collaboration at its best.

To the Open Papers people can contribute in 2 ways: by editing them directly next to paper’s initiator or by posting comments.

Problems To Solve are the reverse of posting already developed solutions to existing problems: it’s about posting problems and collaborate to find the best possible solutions.

Among categories, we added community dedicated ones: Solvers Helping Solvers, Commercializing Ideas and Improving OpenOI with the purpose of finding the best solutions together – for uplifting our work and ourselves as professionals, as solvers community. Any solver can open a paper in these categories or can contribute to the already open ones.

The first topics approached where you can get involved – as they are also Open Papers, are:

Commercializing Ideas

Strategies and tactics to fast grow and strengthen openOI community

What’s to know about crowd sourcing players ? (listing the most trendy OI platforms and competitions from all over and from all fields and industry, summarizing their core model, pluses and minuses, impressions)

Solvers Documentary (a documentary concept crowd sourced and performed by solvers)

They are seed ideas and work in progress/under construction, but you can add value and get involved in any of them, at any time…or you can open your own, of course.

Naturally, registering and uploading your own work (parts of it or how you consider it’s best), seeing what others have already posted…but also sharing your open innovation flight and experience inside the openOI forum discussion, socializing and knowing each other better – would be simply great and welcome!