film @ Cross The Line: the opening scenes

snow_white_and_the_apple_ii_by_thundereq-d1bhy00Cross The Line is my debut film (screenplay) which I dream and plan to produce in the near future. I already started to make the first steps forward in this direction…and of course, it is not an easy road. It received great feedback (that you can read here) at Blue Cat Screenplay International Competition 2014 where it competed with over 4,000 screenplays…mostly submitted by professional (screen)writers. Yes, that’s pretty wild. And daring, I know.

In case you can provide more leads and threads that can facilitate its production or film making/screenwriting related, please do so. Support, sharing and friends are always welcome -:)

In the meantime, I would love to share with you the opening scenes and to hear your thoughts.


Cross The Line


Georgia Mihalcea



There has not been an operating system or a technology that hasn’t been hacked. That’s troubling since the human body itself is now becoming an infomation technology.



ADAM(40)’s face is as pale as ashes. He does not blink and he mops and mows as if something invisible electrocutes his eyelids and cheeks. His mouth is half open as if his face muscles miss their nerves.

His gaze is lost somewhere beyond the floor, into some void. He sits down on a chair with his head abandoned on the table and with his arms hanging limp on the sides.

Blinds are drawn. The sunlight penetrates in the room

through their partitions.

He hardly lifts his head and stares, by looking underneath his eyebrows, at something that lies in front of him.

Suddenly, he breaths deeply as if he inspires an invisible drug. His face invigorates while his blue eyes get a devilish bad ass and lusting mixed look.

The veins of his forehead and neck swell. Streams of sweat flow on his face as if a powerful fever took control over him and burns his limbs and cells. He clenches his teeth and fists. His whole body trembles as if he experiences disruptive violent chills.

He jumps out from the chair, puts a hand on his neck as if something suffocates him, desperately runs to a balcony with a large window and opens it. The outside powerful sunlight blinds him. He breaths as if he managed to survive some invisible waves and saved himself from drowning. He covers his face with both his palms and collapses in his knees. He is crying.

He turns himself and gazes over his shoulder at the laptop on the table from the room. Its desktop shows a black and white PHOTO of a woman’s face who is looking straight into the camera. She looks like being in her 30s, her look is pretty wild, half Asian with long rich erratic black hair.

A phone is ringing. Adam wipes his nose and face, lays down and leans on the balcony, looks for his mobile in his pants pockets, and answers it without taking his eyes off the woman’s photo.


Adam Rider.


Hello Mr. Rider. ELSA speaking, Mr.Cooper Boyle’s secretary.


Oh, hello Elsa. What’s up?


Apple Client requested the demo presentation for their anniversary

commercial much earlier than initially discussed. Mr. Boyle wants to know if you can deliver by next Friday at 6 p.m.?




All right, then. Thank you, Mr.Rider and have a nice day! Good



Thank you, Elsa. Good bye.

Adam hangs up, puts his arms around his knees and remains like that, staring at the wild woman from his desktop.


People come and go. A couple is kissing. A man gives flowers to a woman. She smiles. A lunatic sings a religious song. A beautiful classy woman crosses the street. On the crowded outdoor advertising screens that are placed all over the intersection, commercials and TV news roll on.


MARKUS WOLF (28) watches at a huge cinema type screen divided into many smaller screens where various actions happen in different locations in real time. With a game control lever, sitting in a comfortable chair behind a tech desk, he picks different small screens. The small screens get larger, the other screens remain visible in the background.


Each location happening appears on its own small screen that Markus chooses to zoom, watch and skip to another, if he does not stop to one in particular.

1) INT. STORE. DAY – Two youngsters are robbing a store The video images are captured by the store’s monitoring cameras.

2) INT./EXT. POLICE CAR. DAY – A prostitute is having sex with a cop.

The video images are captured by the phone’s video camera placed on the car’s board support.

3) INT. APARTMENT. DAY – A man is beating up and raping his wife.

The scene is captured by the web camera of a laptop placed on a table in the room.



He stops at the last screen showing the man beating up and raping his wife. He moves his eyes at another screen where street video cameras capture the busy intersection showing the outdoor advertising screens in the foreground. He presses a few buttons.


The outdoor advertising screens turn off. Markus presses a few more buttons. The video with the man beating up and raping his wife takes

over the outdoor screens. Markus pushes up a volume button.

The violent scene on the outdoor screens gets louder. The woman screams like burned. The man hits her hard, turns her around, pulls her head on the back, puts his hand into her neck and fucks her from behind just like a devil.


This is what happens to cheating whores wives.


Please forgive me. Please stop. No.No. No.

People who are coming and going in the intersection slow down walking. They act confuse and try to figure out what is going on. They look up at the screens. The girl from the kissing couple trembles. The classy woman crossing the street puts her both palms at her mouth terrified. She stops in the middle of the street. A car avoids her in the last second and enters a pillar. The woman receiving flowers drops the bouquet. The singing lunatic eventually stops. Car drivers loose control of their vehicles, a few crash.

Markus pushes a volume button up and another volume button down.

A sort of sick, elaborated and delirious kind of song, like the one of the rapper Al’Tarba’s Katie’s Words song, takes control progressively over the raping scene’s real sound.

People look puzzled in all directions. Are blocked, confused, terrified.


Do you like my latest composition, you fuck-ups?

Markus plays with the game control lever.

On the outdoor screens close ups with people faces captured by public video cameras placed on the light poles fast alternate with raping scene moments while the song gets more intense and louder.

People are astonished, some suffocate, others tremble compulsively, others scream hysterical, and others just remain mute.

Markus presses a red button. Video and music stops. Commercials pop up back on the outdoor public screens one after the other.

A coffee company’s commercial says Stay awake and drink our coffee. A

phone company one says Keep talking. We make it worth it. Another one says Quit smoking or you will quit this world.

Police cars show up from all directions. Policemen get out of their cars. Don’t know what to do. People are hysterical.Everyone is confused.


Markus whatches on a larger screens the chaos from the intersection.

A mobile which is somewhere on the tech desk rings. Markus answers.


The money had been transferred. I need it all in one week. I have to

know who I am playing the game with. Confirm. Markus checks out on a monitor his online bank account.

ON SCREEN: Cayman Island Bank. New transfer received. $300,000.


Deal is on. Stay tuned.

He ends phone discussion. Moves the volume button up on his tech desk. The earlier song which covered the raping scene continues to play. He lights up a cigar.