– new tool and opportunity for open innovation problem solvers of all breeds

openOI cover is a think tank collaboration platform for open innovation problem solvers and a  pool of top notch professionals where worldwide organizations can find uniquely prepared minds, valuable research and inspiring solutions to their business, social and environmental challenges.

The beauty of open innovation reflected also on this unique project where multi-award winning problem solvers living in different places in the world (USA, India and Romania) were driven by same thoughts and aspirations and met on a common territory.

Created by award winning Innocentive solvers and long time members of Innocetive winning solvers group, we are excited to invite you to This new web based tool allows solvers to upload, share and discuss their solutions – past, present, awarded and not – on a free, fun, educational and collaborative open innovation platform.

openOI pic

Short Description

We believe that this site is a natural extension of the open innovation model and it will help solvers with some of the problems that they encounter and which we have discussed over the years in this group.

Beyond that, we believe that it will strengthen the solver community and allow us to produce better work, get more recognition and join together in a new way.

With openOI, you may…

  • post as much of your work and ideas as you feel comfortable with

  • define a profile for yourself to highlight your achievements, skills, experience and knowledge

  • control which parts of your profile and work are shown to the general public and get indexed by search engines

  • share your work through Facebook, LinkedIn, dedicated links to you posts and with badges for your own web sites and web pages

  • find others who have worked on the same challenges and compare notes via the discussion feature

  • review others’ work, ideas and interests for networking, knowledge and fun

Check it out and send us your thoughts and opinions via the site’s Discussion page or via email.

Being solvers ourselves, we are very interested in what you have to say!

We really hope you enjoy the site.  If you do, we hope you will share it with other solvers and like minded people!

The Team,

Martin Padget (U.S.A.)              – 3 times award winning problem solver

Georgia Mihalcea (Romania)    – 2 times award winning problem solver

Deepak Anghor (India)              – 5 times award winning problem solver

P.S. Stay connected on Facebook page and LinkedIn group.