A note about rebellion and competitions as a healing tool

 – with reference to the results of my debut film script Cross The Line @ Blue Cat International Screenwriting Contest 2014 –

Rebel against much less!

I am a violent, aggressive and rebelled person. Did you know that another word for expressing better the meaning of rebel  is malcontentStubborn? Changing perspective and looking at it with a positive eye, did you know that another word for rebellion is UpRising? Yes, that’s the point!

I don’t know if my inner violence and rebellion is only a genetic and ancestral thing or it’s just my own chemical DNA…like just another stone on my personal cross. My guess, it’s all mixed up as I am a complex of both chemistry and energy.

My rare personality type also doesn’t help me much on this one, as I’m an ISTP according to Jung’s 16 personalities and Type 8 – The Challenger/Asserter according to Enneagram. Does it make any sense to mention that I am also a Taurus with most of the planets in Aries and that makes it even worse? I may add a few more points, but they are too personal and controversial and I don’t want to make you feel so better about your own situation -:)

I am very competitive and I love competitions, especially when I win them…and I won a few. I have something to say about this, about rebellion and about the results of my first film script in a well known international competition.

Wild competitions are not just competitions and life changing opportunities. They are active therapeutic ways for violent, aggressive, restless and rebelled people like me to heal and to balance themselves, to reverse their genetic gravity from going down to going up, from drowning to flying, to reconvert aggressivity into assertivity. But also to spend quality time in a playful, challenging and constructive way. In a way that matters and can make a positive difference.

Wild competitions are not destinations, they are journeys. And they are wild because…oh my God!!…you have to stand out in crowds of thousands of the best people and professionals out there in the world. They are a modern and very constructive playground for you to shape yourself while also contributing to our world’s common good at the same time – with a good solution to a problem, with a film, a book or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, share and say, while you are also trying to solve your own life problems and challenges.

As a sportive teenager I practiced martial arts at a professional level for almost 10 years and I touched that Top 3 podium at national level many times, both alone and with the team of 3 I was leading. As an entrepreneur I lived incredible successful experiences, but also rough and violent fallings and failings. As a problem solvers in the global open innovation incredible wild market I stood out from a crowd of hundreds of top notch professionals 3 times already with the beauty and quality of my technology applications solutions in social business, healthcare and banking industries.

Today I did not stand out in the crowd with my debut film Cross The Line in the Blue Cat Screenwriting Contest.

It was not because I tried thousands of times, all went good at all times and now I failed for the first time; but because this is the first time that I tried in a serious way to explore an area where I definitely have something to say. The jury sent great, correct and empowering feedback, the film has very good potential, my writing technique and methods are pretty unique and original, but the overall draft needs more developing on some key areas and more drama to be added.

The competition was the wildest from all competitions I experienced until now.4,060 feature films were submitted of all genres and all those people who played this game were professional writers and screenwriters, people with more experience and who usually attend a lot of workshops for improving their skills. I’ve done none of these. I’m self-educated. So I have to learn and read much more to win this challenge, and maybe I also have to take into account adding new tactics and using new tools and approaches for achieving this goal.

God knows my Cross The Line will cross that damn line!

And that’s not rebellion! It’s love for life, for free flying and for crossing all the borders that may limit my self-development and my chances to happiness and fulfilment.

I am a believer! And maybe my best friends are right and I am also a little too crazy! Limits, limitations, fixed rules, preconceptions, and predefined mindsets are not part of my beliefs and mindset, and not part of how I envision a happy and fulfilled life. With God aside there can’t be limits and life and self potential are borderless. How can I miss that?

Rebellion is when you use your inner storm to cross the lines alone by defying God’s advice and kindness related to your own good and happiness, when you turn against yourself, life and the state of facts just to prove your own truth and points. That’s weakness, simply because it’s arrogance.

Rising above by turning rebellion into the right kind of power is when you use the force of your inside storm and team-up with God to cross all the lines together, to let Him guide you and show you the miracles and beauty of life and human experience that He created from love for you. In this second scenario, it all starts to make sense while sadness, reactivity and despair starts to fade away.

You can choose how to use your rebellion: against you or for making it your servant and powerful engine for a better and happier world and self.

In the past it took me weeks and months to be able to swallow and reconvert my frustrations, pain, violence and weaknesses into power. Now it takes me seconds and when it gets worse…maybe a few minutes. That’s progress! This happened once I decided I don’t want to be perfect, normal and right at all times, I just want to have fun and be happy, to fly free, be myself, to love and to be loved.

Humans are forces of nature. Serve with joy!

P.S. Read here a few thoughts about my relation with writing and a sneak peek of the jury’s analysis of my film script Cross The Line.

…and this is part of its music: Yello – “Resistor” // “Beyond Mirrors”