Charlie Countryman: a debut film for at least 3 people: scriptwriter, director and me

Georgia Mihalcea

charlie-countryman-posterIt was April 2012 when I received a phone call from the film’s locations manager to join the production team of Charlie Countryman. We never met before, but roumors about my super skills and charm brought her to me.

I realized we were going to have a one of a hell ride as I never have the luck to be called for soft things. Hardcore is my middle name and when the budgets are low, things are tight and stakes are high – an invisible network activates and someone who knows someone who knows me ends up dialing my number or connecting with me on social media.

This is also how I never know what’s next and how I end up doing all sorts of incredible things, live a lot of awsome adventures and meet all kinds of people, more or less interesting and beautiful. Industry never mattered, it was always like…

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