Padu: a Samsonite experience

me and PaduAmong other things, today I finished organizing over 100 Giga of unorganized photos and videos (yes, I know …that’s very much…backlog) and I bumped into this picture with Padu – one of the best merchant I met in a long while.

We met a few months ago. She owns a Samsonite shop. I wanted a suitcase, but not really at that particular moment.

I was just having an evening walk on the seafront and her shop was just there.

But she knew so much about suitcases and had her unique wise and educated style to present them, that she convinced me to buy it that evening. Simply, I could not find any more reasons to wait. Naturally, I asked her one thousand questions about each of them and made her sale as difficult as possible – as it wasn’t a cheap suitcase. She liked that, I liked that.

We became friends instantly, talked a lot and laughed a lot. She made some great cookies next day called “Florentine” and I brought the juice, she told me about her life, her dead husband, her new passion for making cookies, Guru stories from India, and about her beloved prayer songs that she carried with her on a modern player and listened every time and every where possible.

She missed her dead parents a lot and she kept telling me to never forget my parents and the sacrifices they made for raising us in this difficult world.

Parents and continuous praying.

It was like I needed this reminder message and she needed a good listener.

A beautiful random chrism meeting for the soul -:)