Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network: connecting dots concept

Vinanti Sarkar always picks-up the best news and breaking news available around the world and her platform Voices of Women Worldwide (VOWW) does a great job in bringing up front unique news, insights and perspectives about everything that happens eveywhere.

VOWW is an incredible beautiful journalistic concept, but I will talk about it and Vinanti in a new post – as today I want to highlight one project that connects the dots in human trafficking área, project that I found today on VOWW.

This is how the project’s PR message is on GoogleIdeas YouTube page:

“Polaris Project, Liberty Asia, and LaStrada International are tackling the question of how to connect local, national, and regional anti-trafficking helplines through a data-driven network, an idea conceived at the Google Ideas INFO Summit. We’re excited to announce this ‘Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network,’ an international collaboration between nonprofits that will enable better coordination and victim protection across borders, a project funded by Google’s Global Impact Awards.” (Category News & Politics)

Not very original and innovative, but a good and needed disruptive human trafficking concept: