“Two Rabbit” News Day & Making-of flashback: Buy it. Read it and Tell the World About It!

Two Rabbit
Two Rabbit

Writers are usually fancy intelectuals, a thing that I am not. I might be an intelectual due to my Bachelor Degree in Economics, but I am very far from having a rich cultural background and from being fancy in any way. I am a 4×4 offroad type of person, in love with people, grass roots, operations, competitions  and with making prophecies about the future.

As a sort of paradox and irony (regarding this post) – attracted by the art of scriptwriting also known as  “literature’s mutilation”I entered Film University, Directing Section (my second university choice) among the first students back in 2007, buy taking a 10 out of 10 for my screening proposal for “Last night of love, first night of war” by Camil Petrescu (well known Romanian writer), another 10 when it came to describing what a certain photo inspired me and a very modest 6 for my cultural knowledge when it came to recognizing and talking about a well known painter and his technique. Dead, of course. The painter.

I did only 1 year out of 3 as my business demanded my full presence and attention at the moment, but in exchange, my work took me back in the film industry, but on the management consulting and film production side of things – the place where I re-discovered Beatrice Popa and the new thing that enslaved her, Two Rabbit.

“Two Rabbit” is her first published book by Herg Benet Publishing House which awarded the book inside their annual debut contest (2012 edition) and launched it now in July 2013.

My prophecy: Beatrice Ognenovici will get the Pulitzer (if she becomes American in the meantime or an equivalent award if she decides to stay European) in maximum 5 years from now. Of course, if she continues to pour herself in the books she writes and if Herg Benet has a serious international strategy with its national awarded and promoted writers.

For my prophecy to come true sooner, as a plan B  – I keep pushing her to try Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award annual contest with her next book. My hopes and bets go towards 2014 to be the year.

Back in 2011, me and my old friend Beatrice Popa  – TV Producer at Neptun TV with the show “Asta-i Viata” (known also as Beatrice Ognenovici as a writer) formed a Delta Force team for managing the production of an American TV Adventure Reality Show (Destination Truth – Season 5, two Romanian episodes).

I was the one driving and we did over 2,000 km exploring a big part of Romania with scouting, then with field US producer and then again with the entire crew. So plenty of time to talk about everything.

Among that “everything” was her Two Rabbit – a sketch at the time, an unfinished draft, but a full and lively vision about the story.

Beatrice is an Aquarius, so by default she is very abstract and very incompatible with my Taurus down to earth thinking, dreaming, feeling and being. So while driving those hundreds of kilometeres, she told me the full Two Rabbit story. I am not sure that I trully understood all the nuances she wanted for an elevated reader to perceive (as I was only a listener at the time and she is a nervous talker kind of person) – but I surely recognized the talent that was moldering to break out.

She finished it very soon and in 2012 Two Rabbit was the choice of the Herg Benet full jury.

A few days ago, being out of country – I saw on Two Rabbit – Facebook Page that the book is finally on the market, both online and offline in famous book stores.

I have no idea about all the changes she had done to the story in the final Two Rabbit draft, but I have a few ideas about her personality and about her time when she pushed herself to finish the book – and I bet it will fully pay off.

I suggest you don not miss it! 

Please support my very talented friend’s Two Rabbit first published book and buy it, read it and tell the world about it! It has some great reviews and it’s more than a promising adventure. It’s in Romanian for now, but I bet English translations will be available soon.

Congratulations Beatrice! Proud to be your friend!