Pleading days for my Dilemma mobile app

A few months ago, my sparkling IT friend Andrei liked one of my mobile concepts that I published on my blog here, Dilemma App, he forwarded to his team and the next thing that was supposed to happen was for me to come with a serious presentation about it, as a result.

They were busy, I was busy – so only now we started to get into it.

I never knew if to 3 words questions and 1 word thought to reply with a 2 words answer or a pleading. That is always a dilemma for me as I am a grass root and operations person and not a desk or PC one, and measuring my words and calibrating my pleading volume was always something that produced me a lot of pain and struggle.

When it comes to business, if you are too short, future partners may think that you don’t envision your own proposals on the long run or that you don’t know or that you are confuse about it. If you are longer, they don’t have the time and patience to cover it and they may say you do not have the skills and capabilities to synthesize your ideas.

Well, I couldn’t help myself to plead on this one. As it’s all about those details that make the difference and about standing for your vision kind of thing, I can not be short about that.

As for my friend, Andrei and his team’s latest thing –  take a look at the artificial intelligence thing called Eve – Voice Answer, the scientist cyber personal assistant.

I loved it as soon as I put my eyes on it, and now it seems she knows more things and languages than the last time we met.

What I do not share as vision it’s her female-robotic look, but due to the fact she is so damn smart, I guess beauty and looking sexy is not so important.  At least this is what they say on television -:) Still, you may not agree with me if you liked Avatar‘s characters.

Date Eve, anyway! You may be surprised by her knowledge and unique set of qualities. I was thinking to hire her to teach me some science stuff and inspire from her deep knowledge …and in return to teach her some pleading tricks  -:)