Challenge: the very conventional HRs to hire unconventional people. Wait to see that problem solved.

A new fall. A new Human Potential 2013 Ideas Economy conference .

This time, the theme is exactly the one HRs and head hunters rejected continuously all these years: unconventional backgrounds.

Well, it’s pretty much unlikely to be a conventional typology with an unconventional background. Unconventional backgrounds exist because there are professionals who have the courage to do things in ways that many fear or find too risky for their careers, to cross over limits, to push things beyond conventional, standards and rules (Yes, I know: the nightmare of any employer or boss that HRs label as the Renegade typology or even Entrepreneur typology, sometimes).

Crisis times are unconventional times and it’s so natural to see that unconventional situations and challenges need unconventional people on your side, as organization.

Well, let’s welcome the Economist into the real world for the “unconventional” idea of organizing a dedicated HR conference to explain “How to hire the best and brightest?” and why the unconventional backgrounds are a platinum key today!

It took a magazine and group like the Economist 6+ years of deep and continuous crisis to realise HRs and head hunters are close to useless if they don’t faster reform their mindsets and if they don’t make some room for unconventional jobs and people. Maybe they realized it earlier, but if the big publications don’t wave more aggresively these issues, changes delay to happen for the disadvantage of all sides.

Organizations that will have the nerve to take in on board unconventional professionals will have a big competitive advantage and will better navigate on the very fast changing environments, moving sands and rough playgrounds that economies and societies face today.

Watch here Human Potential 2011 Edition – The Next level of Competition video – where the new unconventional professional breed of problem solvers were highlighted.