Challenge: Reduce Tobacco Consumption Worldwide (by Creating a Crowd Funded Project). Proposal: Produce a Reality Show with Social-Economic Impact

A seeker launched this Challenge inside an Innocentive brainstorming new challenge: Reduce Tobacco Consumption Worldwide (by Creating a Crowd Funded Project).
If you emphatise with it, please vote my proposed approach by following the link – the deadline is tomorrow May 24th 2013 (you might also need to register first):
My proposed idea is to produce a reality show where smokers to be engaged in an entertaining larger program in order to quit smoking and to use their monthly savings from quitting smoking to support social and economic causes engaged in the Project.
Here there are its main points:
Producing a reality show with socio-economic impact  by Georgia Mihalcea on May 23, 2013 16:15                                                                               

I quitted smoking 1 year ago and I have been a very heavy smoker all my life. From my own experience and from the experiences of the very stubborn smokers I know, I can say that the more aggressive the actions and the messages taken against them are, the more aggressive they will smoke. Aggresivity will always generate more aggressivity.

My oppinion is that the root issue a smoker has to realize is that the first step in quitting smoking is not wanting to quit smoking but wanting to want to quit smoking and that is a matter of refinding and redefining motivation and values. Smoking has seldom something to do with the simple pleasure of smoking. Behind smoking there are stories, inner poblems, frustrations, vulnerabilities, fears, weaknesses, etc.

The crowd-funded Project that I propose is to produce a reality-show as a main vehicle of promotion, inspiration and raising awareness for a larger program behind it. The reality-show is a quit smoking program itself.

The stake of the reality show is for smokers to change their world and the world. The concept is this, on short: during a period of time (1 year, for instance) the monthly savings made by each smoker engaged in the program will go to an economic or social problem chosen by the smoker to finance / support (one he/she emphatises with): research on some disease, co-financing hiring young students by companies, food, clothes and roof for the poor, help single mothers or parents, help orphan children, etc. These problems which need support will be socio-economic players engaged in the program and their efforts and issues will be highlighted and listed.

The reality-show engages both ordinary people and specialists but also known people to public (VIPs) who want to quit smoking or who support this campaign and reality-show and want to get involved in this project. Some smokers will fail, some won´t. Each story will have its own evolution.

The reality show will highlight smokers struggle to quit, their self redefining process, their interactions with each other and others elements the concept will involve. It will have seasons and each season will have a number of episodes. During one season the socio-economic impact of smokers quitting actions will be measured, their saving cases will be highlighten, the way of how the program grows behind the show will be also measured, highlighed, shared and expanded in other parts of the worlds and regions if it prooves good enough. Everything will be monitored in real time.

The stake for kick starters funders will be a series of advantages that must be well defined together with the overall web/TV reality concept itself; many of them or their family members or friends may have the opportunity to become participants in the program.

The reality show transforms smokers in funders of social and economic problems and creates a link between them and social and economic players. Inside of the show many things can be taken into account: showing medical severe smokers cases, therapy methods and specialists, and so on. The show will also have an entertaining side: smokers organizing diverse actions for raising money for the causes they support, to attract more smokers in the program and so on.

Here it´s the link where you can vote it by the end of May 24th (which is tomorrow:
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