OKCupid: a tired & boring Cupid, still pretty smart and cool dating website

Among many other things in my struggling and hopeless Romanian life, I thought it is time to start dating again and as a result I ended up on OKCupid website – a smart ass dating website, as its owners want us to think of it.

Some even calls it “The Google of online dating” . Of course, that’s an over reaction coming from people with little imagination.

After setting up my profile, very soon and almost instantly I lost interest for dating and found myself exploring the science behind it: its functions, its model, and way of working.

Despite its name, like all the rest of the dating websites in the world – there is no Cupid, no smart and vivid entertainer playing the role of a matchmaker; only just some lazy math algorithms the site owners believe they are the smartest algorithms in the world – something like a magic unique formula.

The website has no playful vision and no humor. What they imagine being humor seems like very tired jokes. You hardly smile, and you can’t really laugh. It takes too much effort.

Well, the Math they use is quite “unique” and because it is so, it’s also funny from time to time, depending on your lottery kind of luck. You find yourself 90%+ compatible with people having a different sexual identity, for example.

Obviously, it’s not quite the match you had in mind. Maybe they and their hard working psychologists don’t realize it, but sexual identity is very much part of one’s personality and an elimination match criteria when looking for someone to date with.

Anyway, it has something which is different and good: tests & questions that build your personality when you answer. Ahh…and  they are much better when they match your enemy level with others. Seriously! All the people, no matter their gender, race, religion or sexual identity they compare my profile with – I disliked from the very first start each time the enemy level showed a high percent between us.

You can use those tests and questions to remind yourself who the hell you are or in case you got “lost” to remind yourself who you were supposed to be. Or you can use that to just wash your brain a little after too much hard thinking and relax while of course, you explore yourself. Some are really good, accurate and fun. Some are junk. But overall, they are good and accurate.

By answering personality questions and comparing them to others when you access their profile (they offer you answers comparison, which is great) – with a little effort, you may also start a conversation; it may be a good hook for that.

I made plenty of tests and asked plenty of questions, so I know.

In case they didn’t plan to make such a boring dating website, it would have been much better if they just made it completely funny and crazy with a distracted Cupid who matches people after “real magic” criteria. The kind of “what a character!” kind of Cupid.

Or on the contrary, with a bitchy Cupid who punishes people in all sorts of funny – serious kind of ways because they failed dating or because they dissapointed their hypothetical proposed matches.

At least, it made people laugh or feel something else but boredom and made the experience itself and time spent there much more worthy. Of course, their lazy math could work behind the scenes and make it also serious so people can really find some good dates, their soul mates or whatever they are looking for at the end of this process – which with a little imagination it can be a real funny journey.

I don’t want to be arrogant, but this is what I call having a vision. If you do not agree, you may very fast sign out from my blog! Or worse, you can express your own opinion :)) Bitchy, isn’t it? Don’t take it too seriously, though.

Well, that’s it!

It seems dating is not quite my thing, though the idea of making a dating website concept in future might be, with the right people. There are not many things that I would love to be part of in the online environment, in fact there are quite a few, but this is one of them.

Bye and try that website out, anyway! At least for the tests ;) Still, if you are serious about finding compatible friends and lovers, have fun but be serious about it. It pays off!

I know I was not nice, but the website is one of the coolest and they put a lot of science and research behind it, it’s both smart and funny. It just misses the entertainment ingredients.

..and a nice commercial trendy and shallow song to make my point & chill out ;)

Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Hearts