Dilemma app: dedicated to decision making process

This idea of mine in the area of apps for mobile tech gadgets like smart phones and tablets, was my proposal inside an online brainstorming module – for an open innovation business where it’s all about seekers, solvers and problem solving.

They chose a “safer” one, I remembered about this one and I decided to show it to you.

Even though, I didn’t have time to Re-write it & adapt it for a larger / different spectrum / market,  I believe it’s very daring and challenging also outside open innovation area, for both business and other types of life situations.

I am still very in love with it and I would like to make it with some great IT guys who can see it through my eyes and enjoy it!

I like serious things (including apps) to be playful, daring and challenging and I hope you’ll find it so.

Please contact me if you do! And please don’t just run away with it to do it alone; I want to be in!  ;)

Making choices and decisions is always rough and complicated, especially when it has to be done fast if not instantly. So here it is – Its main points (ideation kind of puting it):

The app links solvers and seekers on every kind of dilemma when it comes to decision making.

It starts from a very damaging reality which shows that top executives, leaders and politicians believe that the world is their world. And sometimes even we, ordinary people think the same and when we do that, we risk to make the worst and the most limited or damaging decisions and choices.

It also takes into account a general phenomena which is mostly a sad reality: people have a tendency to isolate themselves because of depression. This thing is damaging to making good choices and decisions process.

This dilemma concept app can be used with priority by executives & consultants who need a personal / private “invisible” temporary right hand or second head(s) in their decision making process regarding various business processes, activities, situations.

These kinds of situations happened in my life too many times in order to know that people don’t like other people to know when they need help or fresh or alternative or unconventional thinking, especially if those people are decision makers and occupy top positions.

Another factor that this app takes into account is objectivity and trust issues when advising with people who are too close / subjective/ have personal interest of one kind or another.

Seekers may use it in direct relation with present and future solvers – when they need to advice with someone they consider qualified or to whom they emphasize regarding different decisions during a business / activity process or even dilemma life situations

If we broaden a little the horizons – Why not also life situations dilemmas? Seekers may be both people and organizations. Open innovation can be applied in all sorts of situations and for all sorts of beneficiaries.

Both emergency and not-emergency criteria apply. A dilemma may need or may not need also effective action in some location. These things are basic key things that seekers will fill in when they launch their dilemma coordinates / parameters in the app. Seekers may choose to be or not to be anonymous.

Seekers can launch a call for mass solvers from where they can choose whoever they want or they can look over your database and choose whoever they want for such process.

The app can be marketed to the open market targeting with priority:

  • Middle and top executive positions (including: political people and journalists)

And secondary:

  • All kinds of practitioners (solvers or non-solvers)
  • Independent consultants (solvers or non solvers)
  • Students and fresh graduates (solvers or non solvers)
  • General audience

All of these targets may be both solvers and seekers at some point and afford at least once in a lifetime to try the dilemma app and pay a fee for such experience.

The capabilities of the tablet / smart phone may all be used as filter criteria or as further communication criteria: to enter in fast direct video-call contact with each other, to stay connected & advice as much as it’s needed until the situation/emergency is solved, whatever best of them can be extracted and used for the mission success.

The app contains a micro payment module for instant payment in advance to be done.

The app offers decision makers or dilemmas “beneficiaries” the possibility to pay with their personal credit cards for confidentiality and discretion business and personal reasons or if that’s not the case directly from company’s account.

Extra Features: Seekers may place an offer and/or solvers may set a standard fee for this process. The app may contain a “negotiation” function/feature to help the two set a good deal.

The app is dedicated to uplift & ease decision making process.

It may also lead to medium and long term collaborations and even further new and exciting opportunities and experiences for all sides.

So, what do you think? Would you like / use / try such “crazy” app? :)