Looking for love. Donations accepted.

In my adventure of rebuilding my life and putting myself together, I have to take all kinds of working offers, more or less expected or predictable. I need all the money that I can make so I do what I have to do until some cool magic happens and I find a way to get out of my own mess.

Besides that, SF things happen while living on free style mode.

Lately, I ended up in the seeds of film industry – where it seems my skills are needed and apparently and temporarily I have more sense – so many new things and new stories start from here.

Here is one of them:

Romania. Bucharest. July 15th 2012

It’s Sunday in the middle of the day, I’m lounging in my bed and looking at the ceiling wondering once again: what a fuck am I doing on this planet, what is that I have to do and how long will I be able to hang on ?

The phone rings. It’s a colleague from the film industry who calls me to join his locations team on the film “What about Love” made in Romania these days. We met on the set of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman and we established a good enough working connection. He tempts me by saying that Sharon Stone will play in the movie. Naturally, I fall into temptation. Obviously, I’m not that strong.

Anyway, the most attractive part from his overall work proposal was Mrs. Stone. That woman can make aliens start a galactic war. The perspective of being around her on the same set, of exchanging hi-s, good morning-s and good evening-s every day, of walking on the same ground, breathing the same air, eating under the same tent and observing how she works for a few weeks – made my life and the job itself seem better and easier to take.

With her hot & smart overall image in my head I am driving towards the meeting place with the guy. I reach the center part of Bucharest, I miss turning left at the first intersection and also at the second one.

At the third one I end up in a traffic roundabout where I follow the green light and pass. I’m not paying enough attention and I miss letting a guy with a convertible pass. He has priority and for some reason, I simply miss the signs.

I accelerate and I manage to “escape” an easy accident. I could imagine him swearing the hell out of me.

I wasn’t wrong. The guy gets mad, suddenly changes his direction and starts coming after me with increasing high speed. I can see him in the mirror. He keeps accelerating. Some basic instinct makes me start accelerating. He accelerates more. I accelerate more.

I realize he’s coming after me and I say to myself: “Fuck, I’m going to have a war with this guy on the side of the street. Ok. So be it!”.  I lower my speed having the intention to wait for him getting closer. After all, he has reasons to be pissed off on me so it’s ok to give the man the right to chill out a little.

I don’t finish the sentence in my head and BAM !

My car almost starts flying. A violent crash that shaken me from the roots made me say: “What the fuck !?”

The guy crashed my car with his car! Intentionally!

I stop. He violently stops in front of me. We both wait, each in its own car. He watches me through his mirror. I watch him through the windscreen. He has US registration numbers.

I walk out of my car and I go to his car. I have no idea of what am I going to say to him. The only thing that comes to me while being too cool & chill is:

“Is this how impulsive you always were? You could have killed us both!”

He gets out of his car and he starts screaming in Romanian:

“I’m in Romania for a few weeks and I can’t take it anymore: my things were stolen, my tires were cut, I’ve been almost killed for 3 times already …I just can’t take it! It’s payback time! It’s my turn to do something about all these!”

I reply, mostly like talking to myself with a louder voice: “It’s payback time?” and for some reason this flash from Tarantino’s movie, Death Proof came to my mind:

I watch him, listen to him and I realize that he is not used with our rough life here and that my previous mistake just spilled his lifetime cup, so I play it soft. He comes to his senses, apologies, obviously feels very sorry for his out of the line nervous breakdown, checks the car and gives me his business card to call him for paying the damages.

Taking a fast look at his card I can see he is a smart ass living in US – a kind of diplomatic one, in fact; that kind who’s not used to crowds anymore.

Deep inside, I hope he is a normal person as he seemed to think about himself and that he would call me next day to ask me if I am ok, if there are no problems. I’m a naive and idealist. The guy didn’t even bother. My hopes for normality crash one more time just like a sand castle.

Eventually, I reach my Sharon Stone work promise meeting. My friend wants me available instantly together with my car as it’s a location job proposal and need to travel all around the country.

I have to say “no” and I say it. I’m not happy about it but I’m happy and grateful to be healthy and alive.

Still, after a few days of hard thinking at this happening – there’s this thing that I accidentally found on the web which seems to have more sense than any of my possible conclusions or thoughts –  while being strangely & cynical funny at the same time: