Reality Show: a great business & politics tool

I loved the concept of reality shows, but I never had that feeling of satisfaction about what it has been done until now, excepting maybe the business ones which were not quite reality shows.

In most of the cases they were done for brainwashing type of entertainment while I always felt the need of more challenging entertainment. Yes, because I’m difficult.

I still think this great “tool” has plenty of unused and unexplored potential – especially when it comes to  business and politics.

I say “still” because there are already 4-5 years since I had the first vision in this direction but not also an open minded Romanian audience for it.

Though, I think in a few years I’ll reach to see it somewhere because media & entertainment industries move very fast and pay a lot of attention to creativity and innovation.

To make sure I’ll see it sooner – in the global open innovation competitions I engage in – some of my business and politics world changing solutions go around this idea. Sooner or later, one will see it through my eyes, shake hands and do something about it.

Recently I was discussing with some American friends about entrepreneurship and we entered a debate over it. I said it’s not the same thing to do entrepreneurship in a country like Romania starting from the grass roots, no money in your pocket and being invisible for the limited and anti-reality financing options available – like it could be done in a more developed country.  It’s thousands times harder if not impossible.

They said it’s not quite true, they offered their reasons but after visiting the country together and experiencing the realities they started to agree on some points.

It’s a difference between a system that is working and a system that is not working at all or works against you. A difference that makes the difference!

We concluded that in terms of statistics I am right, but in terms of reality none of us could tell, because none of us experienced a different grass other than in our own countries. And of course, none of us were lucky IT engineers or rich enough to pay talented IT engineers to help us integrate our ideas into the online environment or to guarantee in exchange for volunteer working as partners that the ideas will work out.

In entrepreneurship nobody guarantees you anything. You just follow your vision.

Globalization happens mostly in terms of communication and information. In terms of business a very small per cent of businesses get global. Still, nowadays many business challenges ask for global scaling from their problem solvers.

Starting from the debate with my US fellows, another reality show idea with economic and social impact hit my mind (which follows an archive of ideas that I gathered in this direction):

– To engage entrepreneurs from various countries under the challenge to build a globally scaled business from the grass root in another country.

– To scout the market, to build their team, to hire, to gather funding for implementation, to design the concept, to architect the strategies, to make innovative strategic alliances, to integrate in another socio-economic and cultural environment, to start it from the bottom ground having nothing else at hand but the camera which make them visible and of course their laptop and access to internet.

– To build an organization that acts global from its day 1 and by that creating both social and economic positive impact

– People from well developed countries to go in emergent and/or under developed countries and vice-verse and enter such challenging contest.

Of course, while speaking more better ideas and possibilities around it – come into my mind. Experienced producers may see it much better further. It’s an endless territory if just daring to play and to set free of conventional thinking.

Visibility it’s a golden key for start-ups. Entrepreneurs need more financial support to implement their ideas and they are expected to be a golden key for creating new jobs and progress. Leaders from both business and politics need a change of approach and mentality.

All these basic ingredients can be served in smart reality shows – the kinds that create progress besides just entertainment and a few waves around the moment.

When I think at the questions:

–         What’s next for social media?

–         What’s next for television?

–         What’s next for marketing?

–         What’s the next source of inspiration for business angels?

–         What’s the fastest way to create jobs and progress at a larger scale and with the greatest possible impact?

That’s what comes into my mind as one great possibility as a common ground where combined elements can emerge at their best:

smart social-political-business entertainment reality shows by engaging fresh and talented new people in the game of change and in the game of solving our world’s challenges at a greater scale and with a greater impact.

Call it “reality open innovation show” or whatever you like it – even though this is another idea for another show :))

Sometimes it’s not about new products or new services, it’s more about new common grounds where more present times realities may creatively emerge, new strategies and all the new markets and trends that can be created around them.