When things get rough

There comes a time in people’s lives when they have to do all kinds of jobs (under their level, different than their expertise, “dirty jobs” and so on) and pass through a diversity of feelings and emotions – in order to pay their bills and debts and to survive – until better times come, gather enough money to continue following their dreams or until someone just offer them a better opportunity, moment from which their “rough time” ends or just transforms in some other type of struggle under the form of a new beginning.

When we talk about not ordinary or non-typical profiles of people like former entrepreneurs, innovators, diverse talent professionals who are temporarily in between worlds, regenerating, starting over from bottom ground and so on – things gets rougher because the hiring criteria and financing options are still far from being realistic.

Despite the fact that nothing is stable, predictable or sure in our today’s world, HRs are still very concerned about long term motivations of their new entries (or rookies), about their rookies’ motivation to get old in their companies while breaking news with more or less famous bankruptcy cases happen all over the world.

Despite the fact that banks are non performing, governments fail and famous names fall down each day, start-ups are requested to be performing and with positive trends in order to receive a chance for financing to fly from the ground.

I saw a few days ago on a LinkedIn group, a discussion about a former entrepreneur looking for getting a job and a HR saying to him that it is obvious that he has o motivation to be an employee and suggested him to succeed on his own as there is no room in others businesses. Rough line, but realistic!

Still, I couldn’t help myself not to engage in the conversation and say to that HR that: Yes, it’s very true that a former entrepreneur doesn’t has the motivation to be employed, but taking into account he is looking for a job other motivations are stronger, like: surviving, starting over, changing way of life, etc. We should take into account a larger perspective and think about:

–   The investment made in a former entrepreneur is less expensive than the one made in a rookie

–   Statistics and see how big are the losses of the companies coming from rookies lack of experience (in the first 3-6 months from recruiting new entries when they are trained)

–  There is one major unique core skill that a former entrepreneur has: that no matter if he/she is or not motivated he/she can to an outstanding job, besides being also diverse talent professionals.

In entrepreneurship motivation is on a secondary importance when it comes to do “the dirty jobs” and an entrepreneur is used to do a variety of things he/she doesn’t like in order for the business to function, money to come, employees to be paid, clients and stakeholders to be happy.

From a company’s perspective there are diverse ways to engage former entrepreneurs, others than just standard hiring. It’s just a matter of flexibility in management approach: independent contracting, project based, time determined way of working, etc.

Overall HRs should be better linked at the level of strategy – with financial and other executive positions in order to rethink, readapt and readjust hiring options and criteria. In our today’s world motivation as it is seen through HRs eyes – is zero as importance as long as one professional does an exceptional and top professional work and make a tangible and positive difference for that company, even if we are talking about a determined period of time.

The most important and fundamental motivation is surviving, especially if we look at the world’s latest statistics which show that 80% of humanity live with less than 10 dollars a day.

There are times when the context and the cumulus of existent conditions don’t allow you to do your dream work or to feel satisfied about what you have to do in some undetermined or unknown period of time. You have to start it all over from bottom ground from nothing and sometimes even from minus, while many other things keep falling or tearing apart.

There are times when things get rough and 2 big thoughts hit your spirit while facing your own helplessness:

“I can’t take it anymore”

“Nobody wants you when you lose”

…and all you feel like doing is just give up, lie down and sit there until …I don’t know, it just doesn’t matter anymore. You feel like dieing but for some reason you can’t die. Then you find out that there are 2 things that do not happen so easily despite what statistics show: dieing and going crazy.

For you these are not available options. Despite your exhaustion and your not knowing what to do next and how, in a paradoxical way – things are quite clear: you have to stand up and keep walking.

Ok. You can’t fly, temporary. But you can run. If you can’t run, then jog. If you can’t jog, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. Whatever happens, don’t stop moving. Even there is only one fingernail you can move, move it.

From working perspective, do anything, anything that can be done:  solve global problems on online platforms, offer as volunteer, listen what others have to say, read, make sport exercises, open a blog or just take a brainwashing job –online or offline, it doesn’t matter as long as you manage to keep yourself up to date and in shape, to cash some money and keep walking until better conditions offer you the opportunity to change direction. Overall and of the most importance, pray.

It’s false to believe that if you take a temporary brainwashing job or a job under your level – there is something that may stop you to not keep working / doing the things that inspire you or those that make you think or innovate.

One day things will change but beyond this hope it’s the amazing fact that you change!

The fact that world is crazy and upside-down in too many occasions it’s just the state of facts, try just to not take it personally even when it affects you directly.

The primary motivation of each human is surviving and the ultimate motivation of each human is to work and live at his full potential.

In between there is just life.

Don’t give up!

In this proud land we grew up strong
we were wanted all along
I was taught to fight, taught to win
I never thought I could fail

no fight left or so it seems
I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name
but no one wants you when you lose

don’t give up
‘cos you have friends
don’t give up
you’re not beaten yet
don’t give up
I know you can make it good

though I saw it all around
never thought I could be affected
thought that we’d be the last to go
it is so strange the way things turn

drove the night toward my home
the place that I was born, on the lakeside
as daylight broke, I saw the earth
the trees had burned down to the ground
don’t give up
you still have us
don’t give up
we don’t need much of anything
don’t give up
’cause somewhere there’s a place
where we belong

rest your head
you worry too much
it’s going to be alright
when times get rough
you can fall back on us
don’t give up
please don’t give up

‘got to walk out of here
I can’t take anymore
going to stand on that bridge
keep my eyes down below
whatever may come
and whatever may go
that river’s flowing
that river’s flowing