Engage in the European Social Innovation Competition! 6 concrete challenges need winning solutions until August 10th

As a winning & awarded solver in international open innovation competitions one of my reflexes is to hunt the most attractive and smartest models around the world when it comes to applying innovation in the responding process to our global existent hot issues coming from both business and society.

Crowd sourcing open innovation competitions are wild and tough as you compete with professionals from all over the world- but it worth trying! Winner or not winner you’ll see what I mean as soon as you give it a try.

Recently I found the Euclid Network‘s new opened competition for Europe having as start-up project – subject of innovation: Naples, Italy and having as future objective to expand the new model of responding to societal issues and to engage more social entrepreneurs in the process – all around Europe.

The headlines for the 6 challenges in stake :

1. Challenge 1 – Turning a confiscated villa into a financially sustainable Social Business

2. Challenge 2 – Making an abandoned Roman bath accessible and sustainable

3. Challenge 3 – Creating a sustainable business plan for a volunteering organisation

4. Challenge 4 – Creating a sustainable business model for a non-profit organisation that works with school dropouts

5. Challenge 5 – Creating an innovative new method for inclusion of the young Roma population

6. Challenge 6 – Creating an innovative new method for recycling textiles sustainably

Competition description:

Description: International competition based on open innovation and crowd sourcing principles for finding the best solutions to solve societal existent issues. (meaning that the competition is addressed to any individual who has an idea to solve one or more of the challenges opened for solving).

The European Social Innovation Competition for Naples is your chance to bring positive change to a city where state and market have failed to solve persisting social problems. You have the possibility to apply to 6 given challenges. They are clustered around there streams: 1. Public Assets; 2. Long Term Financial Sustainability; and 3. New Approaches.

The winning innovators will receive € 10,000 to implement their ideas in Naples, in order to tackle given societal challenges in a tangible way.

The submission form is easy to complete with less than 20 questions that can be answered in one session.

The first round of judging is completed online (via the OmniCompete internal network) with successful entries going through to a final high level judging panel.

Please note, deadline for submission is 10th August 2011.

Award: each winning solution for each of the 6 challenges receives an award of Euro 10,000 which will be considered seed funding to test the idea and turn it into a project. If the project is feasible the necessary fundraising will be done to cover the budget for the implementation of the whole project and you’ll be part of its implementation.

Competion Registering & Challenges: http://www.euclidnetwork.eu/pages/en/european-social-innovation-for-naples-2011-.html

Be a social entrepreneur in your own style  & bring your contribution to our global problems using nothing else but who you are!

P.S. If you want to team up with me in the process of solving 1 or more of the 6 challenges – open up and send me a message at : georgia.mihalcea88@gmail.com. If you are a natural born individualist – compete against me ;)

Good luck! ;)