Mobile & Online [IP]


1. Banking App for travellers: a simple but very useful app that helps travellers to make consistent savings during their staying in foreign countries.

2. Master your Consume App: a complex but easy to use app which helps individuals and families to make serious savings in their budgets and stop compulsive shopping and consume.

It also leads to knowing themselves better and to better control their weight and overall life style and healthcare.

The app holds the potential to also change and challenge commerciants behaviour in relation with consumers and give consumers more power and advantages.

3. Tax Information Appfor expats, business and emigrants (fiscal, laboral)

4. Objection! Online Court – alternative justice. Real business & law game dedicated to becoming an alternative and unconventional approach to vulnerable justice and conventional systems malfunctions.

5. Translator [Mic] App: great and unique kind of translation tool when abroad

6. Open Innovation App – Dilemma App



diploma de performanta
diploma de performanta

1. AwardedSolution: Broadening opportunities towards global health (e-business modeling and business strategies)

Problem required: Models for sourcing regional databases for patients suffering of diabetes.

About the problem: To build a globally scaled online platform food database and to provide a set of strategic and operational implementation plans – in order for people with diabetes to benefit from understanding and learning the effect of what they eat on their blood glucose level.

Solution: “Broadening Opportunities about Global Health” – I took the risk and changed the initial vision and premise and broaden the Seeker’s concern towards people suffering not only of diabetes but also of other more or less complementary diseases.

2. Collaborative Activist Network for Better Healthcare – building a large-scale (at least 5 million members) collaborative activist network/coalition of citizens (patients and patient advocates) that will educate the public and will help create broad demand and support for the further development of data sharing tools that better inform health care decision making. To generate innovative ideas for creating an activist network of patients, medical professionals, and the general public, focused on promoting a health system based on patient outcome data (based on EHR=Electronic Heath Records).


1. Crisis Management Software – Application Concept Modeling – Created in time from passion for management and efficiency and it’s based on the latest international research in the area of top executives needs of software (implementation and control), accumulated experience & vision; concept that correlates outside crises with inside crisis and various crises with operational, financial and management accounting area.

2. Accounting online platform – a missing puzzle piece between clients and independent accounting experts / consultancy accounting offices (tech-application)

3. Judicial & Lawyers online platform – an e-business concept that comes between lawyers, magistrates and clients/people facing trials in courts.

4. Real Estate e-market: online business concept for unlock and grow real estate markets; model matrix designed to be replicated also for other blocked markets or markets in decline without major modifications.

5. Communication Platform to Connect Vulnerable Communities with Climate Change Solutions – communication platform that highlights community needs and helps governments and businesses respond to that demand. Ultimately, the platform creates strong connections and shares market intelligence to enable locally-appropriate solutions in vulnerable communities. (globally scaled e-platform)


1. Systems to Monitor Institutional Corruption – based on the fact that so many corrupting forces are legal and not necessarily unethical within the relevant institution; data is challenging to collect and traditional ways of monitoring corrupting forces such as watchdog groups, regulatory agencies , and the media can be vulnerable to conflicts of interest themselves – to develop an innovative system or tool that will facilitate the detection and aggregation of information regarding corrupting forces within institutions in a way that is easily accessible and useful to relevant constituencies.  (Seeker organization –  the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University) (globally scaled e-platform proposed solution)