This is a concept for an international museum exhibition required by a well known museum – USA based, challenge placed inside an open innovation online platform; the winning concept had been prized with a certain amount of money.

That particular seeker didn’t choose this concept for implementation so the IP rights weren’t transferred.  I believe that we didn’t share a common vision about it and the choice of a singular seeker is not relevant for the concept’s value.

In order to give the concept a chance for implementation and not to keep it in the dark – as I believe it really has its own chance and unique vision, I decided to put it at sight together with more future concepts I developed for more issues coming from a variety of industries.

Regarding this particular industry & events and entertainment industry in general, here it is our idea (mine and my working partner at this one) about how an unique exhibition organized by a futuristic museum that exhibits technology today – should look like in general lines and in direct accordance with our world challenges and risks and with people’s needs.

A. What were the requirements?

The museum required the creation of a concept about an unique international museum exhibition, a concept that may allow the exhibition to move from one country to another.

B. The concept proposed

We proposed a mix of artistic shows, events & television production (ingredients from entertainment industry & playing principles) concept able to be implemented not only by a museum but also adapted by some other types of organizations & happenings willing for a di grande and profitable event (fix or mobile).

We started from the things we need in order to go into a futuristic museum and/or to spend our time & money inside an exhibition: to be players and not watchers.

On short, we both realized that we want to experience at full potential such exhibition or happening, we want to feel dynamism and to be inside the story, and not outside it. We wanted to feel the exhibition with all our 5 senses plus the extra ones and not to just see / observe it.

The concept is far from being conventional – but wanting both unique and conventional stuff at the same time – especially in our today world, it’s quite an unhappy paradox in my view. We live unconventional times that requires courage and unconventional approaches.

On the other hand, as people are crazy about amusement parks where they can “spend” their adrenaline and money, we thought that a smart entertainment science exhibition – may turn out to be a magic formula if the ingredients are well chosen and dozed and the creative & production staff is well picked.

Find below some general lines of thought.


I.  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – Concept Briefing


Slogan:  TransGlobal Yourself

1.2. VISION:     Humans as the Ultimate High Technology

1.3. MISSION:  To break any mental, space and time human’s own limitations, to get the visitors out of their own singular present time BY creating an environment where the visitors can experience, learn and link themselves to a diversity of modern civilizations around the globe and at the same time experience the benefits of their own creation- technology. Ultimately each visitor will become a human of all his present eras he lives NOW.

1.4. THEME:  Experiencing all our present times! Visitors’ exploration of their present global time and history BY experiencing contemporary models of civilizations (their particular accents of history, tradition, culture, geography and social paths – all these building the collective mentality of each civilization). The essence is that our present global time & all our scientific and technological creations are coming from the diversity of civilizations which in fact are on different evolution stages in today’s modern world.

1.5. MESSAGE:  Knowing means understanding. Understanding means avoiding conflicts and gaining mutual new perspectives and benefits. Mutual new perspectives and benefits are the main source of continuous innovation towards finding solutions to the most global pressing issues and regain balance of the world. Access global language!


1. General View

The whole concept involves the creation of two main dimensions each interacting with each other & the visitors becoming players in these two dimensions:

A. The Earth dimension – where we will build in details the main modern civilizations in today’s world

B. The Universe/ Divine dimension – where we imagine in a detailed vision and concept how the humans affect its ways and how it affects the humans (creation made by using the latest technology available)

2. Detailed View & Happening (at request)


When any visitor makes his first step inside the exhibition – he will instantly enter another dimension, a more extended one and he will instantly be absorbed at the level of all his 5 senses plus the extra ones (imagination, intuition, etc).

The concept implies a story from top to bottom in each small detail for each aspect of the exhibition. The visitors are no longer visitors, they are active explorers, they are part of an action, they are characters, they are players – they are no longer watchers, and they feel, learn, and see with all their senses true present time and true experience during the exhibition period.

III.   The exhibition’s links to science, technology, engineering, mathematics,  history, etc

We are using all the creations available in science, technology, engineering, etc (the ones existent now and possible to be used & insert the prototypes as exhibits as part of the story) – to build the environment inside the exhibition, to use them for learning and accomplish specific missions and tasks as visitors helped by professionals & they partially are also exposed accordingly to the concept’s general script. Those ones that are not eligible for being used, are inserted in the story.

We start from the premise that we create technology to solve our problems here and not to observe it. At the same time in this world countries pass through different stages of development and problems.

Technology & Science, on the background of globalization must play an important role in bridging the gaps & irreconcilability that appeared during this process.

We exhibit our world today the way it is – as museum, and as visitors we become players by experiencing it.

IV.  Educational goals :

* Awareness regarding the role of each visitor as an important vector through the dynamic of change into any society and into all as a whole by the functionality of the entire mechanism of the interactive concept (pieces of puzzle related one to each other)

* Education of youth in the spirit of diversity and its acceptance as a necessity of self-development and innovation by direct participation to the missions & tasks inside civilization

* Achieve new skills & talents by using some of the latest technology exposed inside of each civilization created in the exhibition (through the tasks, objectives and missions given to the visitors helped by both the exhibitors’ teams and the professionals from each story)

* Raising awareness about the most pressing global issues today and about the diversity of social and economic models and about the way all emerge towards social-business new economic models (for example: visitors could be given tasks and missions to overcome poverty in some underdeveloped civilizations created by coming with solutions, doing tasks and being helped by the technology and by high skilled people from the most developed ones)

* Opening new perspectives and opportunities ideas for professional reconversion and reorientation and for TransGlobal open labor market

 V.  What visitors would do in the exhibition and the range of senses that will be employed during their visit

Specific examples of experience inside the exhibition:

* Example 1 – group tasks:

Let’s imagine we are in Bangladesh civilization. We capture the moment (simulation) of an intervention regarding the environment and health during a pandemic of diphtheria. The visitors (group of visitors made of children, teenagers and adults, etc) will receive the main mission to respond to this situation.

The group will be split in 3:

– The 1st team will act as volunteers for the Red Cross for example, together with the indigenes.

– The 2nd team will act as implementing team of technology regarding the environment  improvements (ex. the latest water filtration devices & other technology and science related discoveries)

– The 3rd team will act as fundraisers & human rights activists and business implementers & developers –  having the task to travel in developed civilizations to raise awareness and gather the necessary funds for the mission and all technological help available.

One team gets distance from its mission / or have a bad or selfish intention (could be enough to apply prejudices and patterns over an unknown mentality and civilization) – that’s a moment when elements from Universe/Divine dimension react by sending a clear message through a missioner or by some technological exhibit object and rebalance things.

* Example 2 – families tasks:

Let’s imagine a Japanese family receives as a mission to integrate into an East European country. Let’s say that country is Romania. They left Japan for a period of time in order to represent and sell Japanese technology in Romania. They’ll have to find accommodation, a social network, find schools for children, etc – all they have to do to integrate as well as possible and achieve their mission.

The family will receive tangible objective, for example:

– The children should learn basic conversation in Romanian and learn traditional art crafts from their new friends

– The parents will have to make a social network made of a number of people, they have to succeed to organize a showroom with their Japanese technology and sell the products to 3 clients for example.

The intervention of Universe dimension can happen similar as Example 1.

Note: a series of interactive experiences will derive from main examples as the ones above (which will cover all the requests of the exhibition from various perspectives). Trained people, actors, artists, specialists, etc – will coordinate each space and mission.

 VI.  What visitors would learn in the exhibition, including also students

* Communication as the most important science and art which helps to improve and respond to any kind of situation as an universal language and tool which links all diversity towards innovation in the benefit of any civilization and mutual progress and benefit

* The importance of moving the accent from the theory achieved in schools to implementation required by the real life situations crossing from planning, observing, analyzing and talking TO doing, acting and performing.

* The importance of giving up self-centering and self limitations and expanding the thinking and the overview from “for me and myself” to “for us and ourselves”!

* The fascinating journey of discovering the human potential in generating high technology and science, in creating and the understanding that science and technology are human’s creations and instruments and not vice-versa. They learn to give science and technology the right importance and learn how to use them for the best of humanity and our planet, for progress accompanied by equilibrium as a prior condition and goal.

 * The importance for each human of a right positioning towards himself and other humans, towards the planet and the Universe/Divinity.


In the end we thought at this concept to maximize the potential of a museum exhibition and to uplift the role of a museum from an exhibitor to a vehicle & communicator – as a direct response to our today’s world problems, risks and challenges, as we consider them the main reason for which we create technology and invest in research and discoveries.

The idea may be adapted also for new  TV shows or for many other various types of exhibitions, especially those ones having social & business targets and objectives.