Romanian Awarded Solvers inside InnoCentive

I am very glad to let all this space’s readers and followers know that I have been recently awarded as a Solver for one of my first challenges taken inside InnoCentive –   the challenge “Models for Sourcing Regional Food Databases” in the area of health care.

While searching among top solvers inside InnoCentive  (around 880 individuals from over 200,000 who regularly answer to seekers’ challenges) I was happier when I discovered among them another Romanian – Mr. Gheorghe Petru Valea who appears in the Top Solvers 2008 with 2 Theoretical challenges: Thermal Extraction Technologies and Containment and Pickup of Submerged Oil.

I am not sure yet if there are other Romanians there among the winning solvers – who didn’t reach the top yet (there is made an annual top with a number of solvers who won more than 2 challenges or more than 50,000 USD in one year inside InnoCentive).  In 2007 there were 11 solvers who achieved this top status, in 2008 there were 17 solvers and in 2009 there were 12 solvers.  The 2010 top is still on its way, I guess.

These last days while navigating on the web in search for some particular information I needed – I rediscovered that I didn’t know we had so many Romanian inventors and Nobel Prize winners during time. I knew we had many, but not so many.

Most of us, especially the younger generations coming after the ’89 Revolution- don’t know as much as we should about these things from various well known reasons here.

Thanks to Mr. Daniel Roxin’s weblog that I have found recently – I could find out more on a well documented and synthesized writing article about our Romanians genius achievements and innovation during time, achievements about which few of us are aware of in our today’s Romanian upside-down society. I am sorry for didn’t find this information available also in English – but I will translate it and post it also here as this kind of information must be kept alive and at sight.


From an individual professionally perspective it’s quite a feeling to be among the contributors who participate in solving our today’s worldwide pressing issues and compete with great minds and high skilled people around the globe.

From this platform’s perspective – this latest news and accomplishment is another step made towards achieving its vision and mission and another proof that God is there for both believers and non-believers.

P.S. For the foreigners who are curious about the above picture – it is a photo I have taken during 2010 summer vacation across a part of Romania – it is the Endless Column (Coloana Infinitului) of our great, unique and well known Romanian artist – Constantin Brancusi – monument placed in Targu Jiu city in Romania. Unfortunately, Romania pays copyright fees to France for all materials including printed pictures with his work. Why? It’s a long story and a very old bad Romanian “country leadership” habit when it comes to conserve and put the right price on all this country’s inventions, treasures, people, and so on – in principal when it comes to recognize and price inner value and inheritance.

UPDATE 19.02.2011 – today we celebrate 135 years from Constantin Brancusi’ birthday. Google started the day by bringing its tribute in its own well known way.