Sometimes loosing is winning

Ref: Project SEP 1 – A Good House for Bad Times – Finalist Project of the Social Business Tour 2010

“A good house for bad times” social-economic project entered the final, so it was among the 7 finalist ideas – but it wasn’t the winning idea of the contest in Romania.

I am not sure what I lost by not being a winner, but I am sure of what I gained by being there and participating: free business support from one of the tour’s main partners – so the guys kept their word. (even though they changed some things in the middle of the contest).

It is translated as follows and all its details will be set at the end of the contest, after November 8th:

1. Two hours legal consultancy / advice

2. Qualitative feedback for the project’s business plan

3. Financing opportunity for the project’s implementation through good.bee micro finance

The response came from: Mr. Johann Heep – Erste Group Bank AG/good.bee – Financial Services. Simple. Human. For All./1010 Vienna, Friedrichstraße 10, Austria

(Future news will be posted regarding project’s evolution and how things worked out).

P.S. I will be very glad to meet all the other 6 finalists from Romania and to post their projects’ ideas here. Maybe even gather together and see all the options available for all finalist projects implementation. Why not the finalist from the other countries inside the Social Business Tour?!

Can anyone help me find these people and invite them here?