good.Bee in Romania – encouraging social entrepreneurs & small enterprises

New business support regarding the encouragement of social entrepreneurs and actions taken at micro level –  launched also in Romania.

good.bee provides the first comprehensive financial and development network for social entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe.

They spread the idea of social entrepreneurship by travelling through Central and Eastern Europe with The Social Business Tour 2010.

good.bee is the microfinance and social entrepreneurship initiative of the ERSTE Foundation and the Erste Group Bank AG. Their activities include:

  • producing honey = offering simple, safe, affordable and accessible microfinance products (covering micro-loans, -payments, -savings and -insurance);
  • building hives = developing microfinance ventures in Central and Southeast Europe;
  • cross-pollinating = joining forces and sharing resources with complementary partners for greater impact in supporting economic and individual development at the micro-level; become a platform and enabler of social entrepreneurship in our region;
  • creating buzz = building awareness for inclusive financial services and social entrepreneurship.

Their first micro-finance ventures in the area of micro-lending and mobile (micro) payments already started in Romania.

RO:  good.bee credit IFN SA este o institutie financiara non-bancara menita sa sprijine dezvoltarea micilor intreprinzatori si a antreprenorilor sociali. good.bee credit IFN SA este rezultatul unei colaborari intre Fundatia Centrul pentru Dezvoltare Economica si Fundatia Erste si Erste Group Bank. In prezent, acorda credite printr-o retea nationala de 10 puncte de lucru.

Find out more about good.bee in Romania here: good.bee